LSAT takers declining sharply for the fourth straight year

The total Law School Admissions Tests administered is a good indicator about the interest in attending law school. And as an indicator, it indicates that interest continues to decline.

The number of October 2013 LSATs administered was 33,673, down 10.9% from October 2012 and down about 45% from the October 2009 LSATs administered.

The cumulative total of LSATs administered is 57,670, compared with 63,003 at this point last year, 71,981 in 2011, 87,318 in 2010, and 93,341 in 2009. 

The chart below illustrates the cumulative LSATs administered and the continued decline. 

UPDATE: It may be useful to note that I previously blogged about how schools racing to maintain LSAT and GPA medians has distorted how we evaluate student quality. A further decline in LSAT takers will likely only worsen this problem.