Fictional Attorney of the Month: D-Bob

Photo from  TIME .

Photo from TIME.

As November winds down, so, too, does college football season. Few films capture the spirit of college football like Rudy, a 1993 movie about an undersized kid in the late 1970s from a blue-collar family with a dream of playing for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

The film's protagonist, Rudy Ruettiger, can't get admitted to Notre Dame because his grades are poor. Instead, he attends nearby Holy Cross in an effort to earn high enough grades to merit transfer. He quickly befriends D-Bob (his full name is never revealed, but his girlfriend once calls him "Dennis"), a socially awkward tutor who helps the struggling Rudy in exchange for Rudy helping him find a date.

Near the film's end, D-Bob reveals he's been accepted to law school at the University of Miami, and he's overjoyed (see this clip) at the prospect of moving there. It turns out that a first-year law student at Miami must do relatively well, because D-Bob returns that fall to see Rudy play in his last game, arriving in a limousine with a glass of champagne.

It must have been a delightful time to attend law school, which is enough to make D-Bob the fictional attorney of the month.