Fictional Attorney of the Month: Gordon Bombay


I confess that The Mighty Ducks may not be everyone's favorite film. Or even a great film. But among the genre of children's sports movies, it's hard to beat this story of a Minnesota youth hockey team.

Gordon Bombay (played by Emilio Estevez) is a hotshot attorney at Ducksworth, Saver & Gross. A recent court victory gives him a 30-1 trial record, which prompts a drunken celebration and a drunk-driving arrest. As penance (and to keep his high-powered job), he must do community service, which involves coaching a youth hockey team. The team, of course, is filled with local riff-raff, highlighted by the team's piling atop his limousine as it drives up to the first practice.

As may be expected in such a film, Bombay learns to coach and to love his team; the team learns how to play together; and all things end up well for Coach Bombay--including a perilous decision that confronts him late in the film when his law firm conflicts with his new love of coaching.

Gordon Bombay wraps up our 2013 fictional attorneys of the month. The year's list is below.

2013 Fictional Attorneys of the Month

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May: Sir Robert Morton

June: Cliff McCormack

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August: Marius Pontmercy

September: Tom Hagen

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December: Gordon Bombay