Fictional Attorney of the Month: Sir Robert Morton


The Winslow Boy is a play about an incident that took place at the Osborne Naval College in 1908. A cadet was accused of theft; the family, convinced of his innocence, hired a prominent barrister to fight it; and, after a public battle, the cadet's name was cleared.

Sir Robert Morton is the fictionalized version of that barrister, Sir Edward Carson. In David Mamet's phenomenal film adaptation, released in 1999, Jeremy Norrtham plays Sir Morton. And he has all the traits of a zealous advocate, ranging from the ability to ask incisive questions to an unflappable confidence in his cause.

And if you're so inclined to take 10 minutes to watch one of the most delightful scenes of the film, highlighting Sir Morton's calculating and deliberate interrogation, I've embedded it below.