Which law schools have the highest non-JD enrollment?

UPDATE: The table below has been corrected due to an error on my part--it double-counted the non-JD online degrees.

I've discussed the trend of increased non-JD enrollment in law schools. Thanks to new ABA data, we now have the JD and non-JD enrollment data for each school in 2013.

It turns out that the original figures I used were underinclusive in one respect: the ABA reports "non-JD enrollment" as the sum of post-JD enrollment and post-baccalaureate enrollment (including "non law," usually including "master level programs aimed at non-lawyer professionals"). But it excludes the 1677 "non-JD online" enrollment. [UPDATE: This is incorrect: it was pointed out to me that the totals DO include the non-JD online. A corrected able is below.]

I sorted the schools by the total non-JD enrollment--including post-JD, post-baccalaureate, and non-JD online--as a percentage of total enrollment (the denominator being those categories, plus full-time and part-time JD enrollment). These schools had the highest percentage of non-JD enrollment.

Vermont: 38.5%

NYU: 33.2%

Loyola Chicago: 32.2%

Boston University: 30.7%

Temple: 26.6%

Georgetown: 25.4%

Alabama: 24.5%

Washington: 24.4%

Berkeley: 23.2%

USC: 22.0%

Tulsa: 21.8%

Golden Gate 21.6%

Northwestern: 19.8%

Columbia: 19.0%

Washington University in St. Louis: 18.9%

Illinois: 17.6%

Penn State: 17.1%

Case Western: 16.8%

George Washington: 16.6%

Denver: 16.1%