Total LSAT takers in steady decline

Last year I blogged about the fact that for legal education, the worst is yet to come--there continued to be fewer LSAT takers and fewer law school applicants. I charted the decline in cumulative LSATs administered last October. But I noted that there seemed to be an evening out by the end of the cycle and updated the chart to reflect that.

No longer. LSAC has now reported a 9.1% decrease year-over-year in LSAT test-takers in the June 2014 test, and a 8.1% decline in the October 2014 test. That's a cumulative total of 52,745 LSATs administered, down from 57,670 over last year, and down from 93,341 in 2009-2010--that's more than a 40% decline in LSATs administered.

Here's the updated chart showing cumulative LSATs administered.

It appears that for legal education, the worst still may be yet to come.