Fictional Attorney of the Month: Jeff Winger

Community is not a typical comedy on television. It's probably why its quirky humor attracted a rabid but small audience, why NBC fired its creator three seasons in only to rehire him for the fifth, and why it's now canceled only to survive with some version of a sixth season on Yahoo! Screen in the near future as cast members peel off one by one. But Joel McHale's role as disbarred attorney Jeff Winger is just one of the many delightful roles.

Winger was a successful attorney at Hamish, Hamish & Hamlin, but for all the wrong reasons. He successfully persuades a jury to let off his client facing a DUI charge by tying it to 9/11. He helps a stripper escape tax evasion charges by arguing that her profession is actually not-for-profit performance art.

Unfortunately, a fellow attorney reports him to the bar for failing to obtain an undergraduate degree, and he's stuck in community college to get that degree with the least effort possible. Greendale Community College's eclectic mix of students generally rubs the sophisticated (former) attorney Winger the wrong way--much to the delight of all of us.

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