LSAT takers declined this year, but not as rapidly as you might expect

Earlier this year, I blogged about the "sharp" decline in LSAT takes for the fourth year. But by the end of the cycle, with the February 2014 results just released, LSAC actually saw a small year-over-year increase in February tests administered. LSATs administered are down to 105,532, down 6.2% over last year and down 38.5% over the 2009-2010 test-taking cycle (which was the record high). An updated chart from by previous blog is posted below.

Admittedly, LSATs are down. But the decline is not as sharp as one might expect--particularly given that the October tests were down 10.9% over the previous year and 45% over October 2009. I had earlier projected about 101,000 LSATs administered if we followed last year's trends, which suggests that there was a slowing of the decline by the end of the cycle. But whether the more modest decline in LSAT takers also translates to a more modest decline in matriculants, as discussed earlier, is another matter.