A Symposium on the Future-Future of Legal Education

For immediate release.

Following up on the Symposium on the Symposia on the Future of Legal Education, this symposium will examine the future-future of legal education--discussing trends heretofore unanticipated. But, in an attempt to reinvent the points where law and technology meet, we must reinvent what the future means--hence, future-future. This innovative, entrepreneurial symposium will emphasize breaking and/or shifting paradigms, but reimagination and digitalization are welcome. The conference will focus on the following subjects:

  • Beyond Bitcoin: A New Model for Digital Fiat Currency Tuition and Loan Repayment
  • iLaw: What the Next Secret Apple Product Means for Law, and How We Should Immediately Integrate It
  • Reinventing Law in a Post-Twitter, Post-Instagram Universe: An Apocalyptic Vision
  • The Future of Buzz: Identifying How to Start a Trend Before It Starts
  • The Restatement (Fourth) of Everything: Synthesis and Specificity
  • Keynote Address: "A Series of Rampant Speculations for the Next Thirty Minutes"

The conference will be held in an expensive European locale, and conference participants should ask their home institutions to pay for all expenses.