New Harvard Law Review pieces on campaign finance and McCutcheon

The Harvard Law Review has recently published two pieces examining the effect of McCutcheon v. FEC (PDF).

The Practical Consequences of McCutcheon, by Robert K. Kelner, chair of the Eleciton and Political Law practice at Covington & Burling, concludes that little will change as a result of McCutcheon due to pragmatic difficulties organizing super joint fundraising committees and the few individuals who were previously limited by the biennial contribution limits.

And After McCutcheon, by Jonathan S. Berkon & Marc E. Elias, both at Perkins Coie, concludes that political parties will have slightly more power and control after McCutcheon, as party committees will be able to pursue additional contributions from key donors (an argument echoing a point raised by Rick Pildes immediately after the case).

I commend both pieces to you--brief, thoughtful pieces from practitioners with important points.