Paul Clement enters pending Arizona redistricting litigation

I've previously blogged about what the Constitution means when it uses the word "legislature" in the context of the Times, Places and Manner Clause, and the Arizona state legislature's challenge to the ballot proposition that shifted the authority to draw congressional districts from the legislature to an independent commission. A three-judge panel rejected the Arizona state legislature's argument by a 2-1 vote.

Yesterday, the Arizona state legislature filed its reply brief (available via Scribd). Of note: former United States Solicitor General Paul Clement of Bancroft PLLC is now the counsel of record. Bringing in someone of his caliber suggests an increase in the stakes--and perhaps even an increase in the likelihood the Supreme Court will consider the merits of the case.

Justin Levitt's All About Redistricting, Ballot Access News, and SCOTUSBlog all have some coverage of the pending Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission litigation. The Supreme Court will likely decide in late September whether to hear the case.