Roundup of recent news about legal education and the bar exam

I've been mentioned in a couple of outlets recently regarding legal education and the bar exam, and thought I'd link to those pieces here and include a brief roundup of news and events in this areas across this blog. You can find me on Twitter @derektmuller.

For quick access to categories of interest, check out the Legal education or Bar exam categories on this blog.

Running totals of state bar exams in July 2015 are available here, and an analysis of the 27-year low in the Multistate Bar Exam scores here.

My July 2014 bar exam results wrap-up is here. Summaries of the National Conference of Bar Examiners data in 2014 is here. Finally, my perspective in November 2014 anticipating this and future bar exam score declines: the bleak short-term future for law school bar passage rates.

And I even write about subjects other than the bar exam and legal education! For my scholarly interests--primarily election law--see the remainder of this blog, and my SSRN page.