Fictional Attorney of the Month: Matt Murdock

Matt Murdock is a typical New Yorker, until he's blinded by a radioactive substance falling from a car as he saves a man from an oncoming truck. He develops supernatural senses and sonar. He crusades under the name Daredevil, or the Man Without Fear.

Murdock attended Columbia Law School. He and longtime friend Franklin "Foggy" Nelson founded Nelson & Murdock, a small law firm dedicated to serving the public--and, of course, Daredevil might act where the law could not reach.

The "Trial of the Century" story is one of the most significant story arcs involving attorneys in comic books. Hector Ayala, the White Tiger, is found at a crime scene where he unsuccessfully fought some gang members and is left with a dead police officer at his feet. The White Tiger is innocent; Murdock takes the case; and a lengthy courtroom battle, including evidence objections and witness examination, highlights the story.