Fictional Attorney of the Month: Ben Matlock

Andy Griffith is perhaps best known for playing the folksy sheriff of Mayberry. But he spent a decade late in his career portraying Ben Matlock, a folksy defense attorney whose clever investigations inevitably (well, usually) lead to the acquittal of his clients.

Apart from a love for hot dogs and light gray suits, Matlock relied on a small team of trusted advisors to investigate claims. He had a sense of humor and a knack for ferreting out the truth in all situations. And his winning courtroom demeanor helped him secure many a confession on the witness stand itself.

The series Matlock hearkens back to tidier television series, where right and wrong were more clearly identified than they often are today. But maybe that's a bit of Andy Griffith, too--nothing quite like a clean, honest attorney intent on finding the truth in all.

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