No substantive changes in Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2015 over last year

Last week, Representative James Sensenbrenner introduced the Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2015, H.R. 885. I compared the bill with last year's version, the Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014, H.R. 3899. Apart from the year in the title and the initial list of co-sponsors, there are no substantive changes, and only a couple of very minor alterations at all.

First, the bill formerly cited Title 42, the old home of the provisions of the Voting Rights Act. Since there is now a compilation of election laws in Title 52, the new bill properly identifies all of the Title 52 provisions that would be amended.

Second, there were two definitions of "minority" and "nomminority" that referred to persons who were "white." Those have been amended to capitalize the W and read "White."

And that's it. So if you had any praises or criticisms of last year's version of the VRAA, know that they are just as applicable to this year's version.