Fictional Attorney of the Month: Clair Huxtable

While The Cosby Show may have been named after Bill Cosby, the entire case of characters in the Huxtable family were vividly memorable, including, of course, Clair Huxtable.

She was a partner at Bradly, Greentree & Dexter in New York City. While she didn't have the luxury of practicing from her home office, like her medical doctor husband, she did find regular opportunities to parent her children's off-the-wall adventures at home.

And, of course, she put her law degree to good use for her children's sake. In one episode, she helps her son Theo secure a refund for a batch of t-shirts ordered from a crooked salesman by invoking the warranty of usability. In another, she represents her daughter Sondra when a dishonest car repairman tries to scam her.

She has high expectations of her children--specifically, that they, too, would become lawyers. She anticipates that Sondra would go to law school after earning her undergraduate degree from Princeton, then expresses great dismay when Sondra prefers to work at an outdoor supply retail store.

It's her humor, her charm, and her wit that makes Clair this month's Fictional Attorney of the Month.