Fictional Attorney of the Month: Jackie Chiles

Among the more well-known recurring characters in the 1990s television sitcom Seinfeild was Jackie Chiles, an intense attorney who strongly resembled a parody of Johnny Cochran.

His counsel often involves him crying out that something is "outrageous," "egregious," "preposterous," or other colorful adjectives. His lawsuits range from the referential (a lawsuit on Kramer's behalf against a coffee company for coffee so hot it burns Kramer's legs when he spills it) to the absurd (a lawsuit on Kramer's behalf against tobacco companies for second-hand smoke coloring his complexion), with memorable quips ("Your face is my case."). He's even the attorney who represents the Seinfeld cast in the season finale when they violate a Good Samaritan law.

It's the best of mid-90s comedy in deadpan legal delivery, and good enough for this month's Fictional Attorney of the Month.