In today's WSJ: "Libertarians and Greens Can Win--Even If They Lose"

In today's Wall Street Journal, I have an opinion piece entitled, "Libertarians and Greens Can Win--Even If They Lose." It begins:

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein have a difficult task—though this election year it might be easier than most. The trick for third parties in American politics is convincing voters that they aren’t “wasting” ballots by supporting the Libertarian or Green Party candidate, since neither will make it to the White House.

But the unpopularity of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has provided the Libertarians and Greens with a new argument: Political parties that meet defined benchmarks on Election Day are given certain advantages under state and federal law. If Mr. Johnson and Ms. Stein manage to secure 5% of the popular vote—plausible given current polling—their parties will reap significant benefits.