Fictional Attorney of the Month: The Blue-Haired Lawyer

He's no Lionel Hutz. Instead, he's the recurring character on The Simpsons with a high degree of competence, known only as "The Blue-Haired Lawyer," or sometimes "Mr. Burns's Lawyer."

The Blue-Haired Lawyer has a whiny New York accent who provides some combination of dry humor and clever legal argumentation. In one episode defending Mr. Burns, he reminds the court, "Your Honor, my client has instructed me to remind the court how rich and important he is, and that he is not like other men."

He crops up at inopportune moments to impart legal advice. When the Simpsons' principal makes a Disneyland reference, the lawyer chimes in, "Principal Skinner, "The Happiest Place on Earth" is a registered Disneyland copyright." Principal Skinner assures, "Oh now, gentlemen, it's just a small school carnival." To which the attorney answers, "And it's heading for a great big lawsuit."

A nameless recurring cartoon character--good enough for the Fictional Attorney of the Month.