Where are they now? Supreme Court clerks, OT 2007

Following up on posts on a ten-year retrospective on the Supreme Court clerks from October Term 2003, October Term 2004, October Term 2005, and October Term 2006, here's what the clerks from October Term 2007 are doing. This list is probably unreliable and has not been fact-checked in any way, except for the links provided (and these links often aren't the best source material).

Chief Justice John G. Roberts

Jason T. Burnette (Georgia 2006 / R. L. Anderson), partner at Jones Day

Joshua Hawley (Yale 2006 / McConnell), attorney general of Missouri

Anton Metlitsky (Harvard 2005 / Garland), partner at O'Melveny

Erin Morrow Hawley (Yale 2005 / Wilkinson), professor at Missouri


Justice John Paul Stevens

Todd Gluth (Berkeley 2005 / W. Fletcher), partner at Cooley

Sara Eisenberg (Cardozo 2005 / Lifland (D.N.J.) / Barry), deputy city attorney of San Francisco

Kate Shaw (Northwestern 2006 / Posner), professor at Cardozo

Abby Wright (Penn 2006 / Boudin), attorney, DOJ


Justice Antonin Scalia

Aditya Bamzai (Chicago 2004 / Sutton), professor at Virginia

John Bash (Harvard 2006 / Kavanaugh), associate counsel, White House (and nominee, U.S. Attorney, W.D. Tex.)

Bryan M. Killian (Harvard 2005 / Niemeyer), partner at Morgan Lewis

Rachel P. Kovner (Stanford 2006 / Wilkinson), assistant to the Solicitor General


Justice Anthony Kennedy

Michael Chu (Harvard 2006 / D. Ginsburg), partner at Kirkland & Ellis

Stephen J. Cowen (Chicago 2006 / D. Ginsburg), of counsel at Jones Day

Annie Kastanek (Northwestern 2005 / Ripple), AUSA, N.D. Ill.

C.J. Mahoney (Yale 2006 / Kozinski), partner at Williams & Connolly (and nominee, Deputy Trade Representative)


Justice David H. Souter

Bert Huang (Harvard 2003 / Boudin), professor at Columbia

Leslie C. Kendrick (Virginia 2006 / Wilkinson), professor at Virginia

Michael J. Mongan (Stanford 2006 / Garland), deputy solicitor general of California

Micah W.J. Smith (Harvard 2006 / Calabresi), AUSA, S.D.N.Y.


Justice Clarence Thomas

Eric McArthur (Chicago 2005 / Luttig), DAAG, DOJ

Carrie Severino (Harvard 2004 / Sentelle), chief counsel and policy director, Judicial Crisis Network

Heath Tarbert (Penn 2001 / D. Ginsburg), nominee, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for International Markets and Development

Leila Mongan (NYU 2005 / Sentelle / Lamberth), most recently counsel at Hogan Lovells


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruthanne M. Deutsch (Georgetown 2004 / Dyk), partner at Deutsch Hunt

Brian H. Fletcher (Harvard 2006 / Garland), assistant to the Solicitor General

Thomas G. Saunders (Yale 2004 / Leval), partner at WilmerHale

Zachary D. Tripp (Columbia 2005 / Kearse), assistant to the Solicitor General


Justice Stephen Breyer

Michael Bosworth (Yales 2003 / Katzmann / Kakoff), counsel at MacAndrews & Forbes

Karen Dunn (Yale 2006 / Garland), partner at Boies Schiller

Eric J. Feigin (Stanford 2005 / Wilkinson), assistant to the Solicitor General

Philippa M. Scarlett (Columbia 2003 / A. Williams), formerly DAAG in DOJ


Justice Samuel Alito

James Hunter (Yale 2003 / Alito), partner at Hunter & Kmiec

Geoffrey J. Michael (Yale 2000 / Alito), partner at Arnold & Porter

David H. Moore (BYU 1996 / Alito), general counsel, USAID

Jessica E. Phillips (Northwestern 2006 / Flaum), counsel at Boies Schiller


Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

Heidi Bond (Michigan 2006 / Kozinski, shared with Kennedy), author


A few thoughts:

Law professors continue to flow from a few justices. Only five law professors among the bunch, and they're spread out a bit more than previous years.

Plenty of government service. There were 15 involvement in government, and not all federal--service in Missouri, California, and San Francisco peppered the resumes of this class.

A small drop in law firms. There were 14 in law firms, down from 19 last year--and those were all partners. This year's includes several counsel & of counsel positions.

All in all, the sample size is consistently too small to draw much comparison from class to class or across classes. But it's worth looking back over the years to see if 10-year retrospectives have changed terribly much!

Update: I mixed up an OT 2008 Ginsburg clerk with an OT 2007 clerk; that has been corrected!