The Law Review RSS Project

A link to the Law Review RSS Project.

I am a dedicate user of RSS feeds. RSS is a format that strips away all the stuff that might bog down content on a site and gives a simple version of it for easy aggregation by sites like Feedly (or the long dead Google Reader).

Rather that needing to visit hundreds of websites each day (okay, so maybe I'm the only one who'd be inclined to visit hundreds of websites each day...), or several times a day to catch updated and new content, an RSS aggregator allows users to look at all these sites' content in a single stream. It also offers the advantage of time-delayed reading; unlike Twitter, where if you miss it when it's at the top of your feed you may miss it for good without some real effort or a lucky retweet, all the RSS content is held for whenever you choose to read it.

I've aggregated about 100 law review Twitter accounts in a list (which you can subscribe to here), but their levels of activity can vary wildly--some have been dormant for years, and others regularly tweet content unrelated to the articles they publish. Concurring Opinions launched a "Law Review Contents" feed years ago, but it's mostly fallen into disuse.

Therefore, I started the Law Review RSS Project. I started crawling through law review websites and extracting their RSS feeds. Some of them make this very easy to find. Others do not. Still others have no RSS feed at all.

The RSS feeds of these journals will provide you with access in your RSS reader of these journals' content as soon as it's pushed out to their website. Of course, some journals are slower than others in pushing out the content--but when it gets there, you can read it.

I hope to slowly add more feeds as I have the time to do so in the months ahead. But please let me know if you notice problems with the RSS feeds, or if you find a feed that I couldn't. I appreciate any and all feedback!