Fictional Attorney of the Month: Sally Carrera

Pixar's Cars might not always be at the top of adults' favorite Pixar films, but it's always at the top of Pixar's licensed goods for kids. But who can resist the story of a sleepy town of misfits tucked away on historic Route 66?

Sally Carrera, a sporty Porsche, seems out of place in a town that time forgot. But she explains that she was once a high-profile attorney in Los Angeles until she felt burned out on the legal profession. She went out for a drive, and when she ended up in little Radiator Springs, she couldn't go back to life in the fast lane. She fell in love with the quiet, rural life and chose to leave legal practice behind.

That doesn't mean she forgot about law. The film's hero, Lightning McQueen, ends up lost in Radiator Springs and wrecks the town. The local judge is prepared to let him go and get him out of town, but Carrera delivers a impassioned oratory to persuade the judge to make him fix the street--and wins. Not bad for a retired California lawyer.