Illinois presidential electors include many loyal to candidates other than Trump & Clinton

Parties have begun to nominate their slates of presidential electors for November's election. Illinois is one of the first to do so. What's perhaps most striking? Many electors showed loyalty to candidates other than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the primaries.

I've suggested that a "Trojan Electoral College" might mean slates of presidential electors who are not truly supportive of the candidate being selected, given the record unpopularity of these two candidates (but with a particular emphasis on Mr. Trump).

Consider Illinois's Republican slate. Several GOP electors were delegates in the 2016 Illinois primary--but none were delegates for Mr. Trump. Karen Hayes (Cruz), Judy Diekelman (Kasich), Lee Trejo (Rubio), and Fred Floreth (Paul) all supported other candidates, and not a single Trump delegate made the Illinois GOP presidential elector slate.

Additionally, NPR reports that at least two electors were supporters of Bernie Sanders in the primary.

It might be, of course, that these electors would set aside their primary preferences and support the general election candidate, particularly once they've pledged to support that candidate. But it's not obvious that these slates of electors are filled with die-hard supporters. Instead, they are party faithful, who may long to exercise independent judgment this December.